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In the Hopper...

Our new Mexican San Cristobal Micro Lots have arrived and were the highlight of our cupping bench this week! We spoke to origin partner James Kosales about where these special coffees come from.

According to James Kosalos of San Cristobal Coffees, the cup profiles of the Nayarita region are unique; “We still have the old Typicas here so we get big beans, and all of these coffees are sweet, you get citrus and maybe some lemon, honey, floral and sometimes even they’ve got some chocolate in it”

Kosales, a Greek-American geo-physician, originally began building sonar systems for underwater mapping (which he, by the way, still does today). Using this knowledge, Kosales has designed a system capable of tracking specific coffee lots directly from the farm to the patio and right through to the seller. This unique system ensures the customer has full traceability of the lot being purchased.

Coffee first came to region of Nayarita, Mexico around the 1860’s when a group of French families set up the first plantations in Malinal. Today there are still a couple of trees standing which date back more than 100 years. By the late 1980’s cooperatives formed with members farming approximately 300 hectares of land which produced about 500 (60-kilogram) bags of green coffee in the 2002-03 harvest. There are now 260 producers, mostly small growers with an average 2-3 hectares per family. Growing altitudes in the region vary from 1000 meters to above 1200 meters, with more than 50% of all the Malinal coffee grown at altitudes above 1,100 meters, and production mostly made up by the Typica, Caturra and Bourbon varieties.

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