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In the Hopper...

With the return of wintery weather after the recent warm spell (of course it wasn’t going to last, typical Melbourne!) we’ve gone back to drinking the hot stuff here at Bennetts HQ...

Perhaps it was a little presumptuous bringing out the cold drip at the first sign of spring sunshine!

In the hopper this week has been a selection of our extra special Costa Rican Tarrazu Vista Jorco microlots. These coffees arrived into store early July and we’ve been lucky enough to sample a few at HQ.

Coffees from the Tarrazu region are renowned for being well-balanced with good body and high acidity. Tarrazu is considered the best coffee producing region in Costa Rica and is known for having the finest soils at the highest altitudes. Our chosen microlots are no exception.

These microlots are from the Rio Jorco Estate, a third generation farm spanning over a thousand acres about an hour from the capital of San Jose. The Estate is dedicated to producing quality coffee while maintaining an ecological balance with nature. Three-quarters of the land is a private nature reserve and the Estate is also home to a coffee museum dedicated to preserving the history of the land.

The Estate works with local producers in addition to farming their own coffee and is dedicated to supporting their workers and the wider community. Long term employees have been given land to build homes and farm their own coffee. They have also donated land for the construction of an elementary school and offer scholarships to local high school students.

The two microlots we have been sampling this week are the Vista Jorco El Tajo Microlot #RJC6 and the Vista Jorco Finca El Jocote Microlot #RJC7. Both with a rich creamy body and long finish; the El Tajo cups with notes of fresh butter and fruitcake, and the El Jocote has a clean, nippy acidity. We have been drinking medium roast through our espresso machine however they would also perform just as well with a dark roast to produce a creamier body. Alternatively they are also perfect as a lighter roast to suit filter brew methods such as chemex and aeropress. The two microlots, each distinctive in their own right, were well received amongst the staff here at Bennetts and made the weather outside a little less miserable!

To receive samples of either of these microlots contact your sales rep or direct message @HABennetts on Twitter.

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