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A Good Brew

Bennetts are excited to announce the launch of Jillian Adams’ new book ‘A Good Brew’, the history of H.A. Bennett & Sons and tea and coffee in Australia.

Jillian has been working tirelessly with Scott and many others over the last six years, piecing together anecdotes, memories and history, to successfully tell the story of an influential Australian family business. The history of the Bennett family is truly one worth documenting and the published book is recognition of all Jillian’s hard work and enthusiasm.

The book was officially launched at the recent Golden Bean awards ceremony in Port Macquarie. Jillian and Scott were given the opportunity to introduce the book in front of roasters and industry professionals at the competition, and gave a brief overview of how it came about. The book was very well received and the Golden Bean was a great occasion to launch it to the industry. There is something in ‘A Good Brew’ for everyone who has ever appreciated a good cuppa. A few of our favourite excerpts – without giving too much away! – are below.

‘Tea houses in Melbourne were originally located close to the Yarra River where the tea clippers docked on arrival in Australia. Clippers were fast sailing ships of the 19th century, which sailed all over the world, primarily on trade routes between Europe and the East Indies. When the clippers docked in Melbourne in the late 1800s and early 1900s, tea brokers would arrive at the dock with their horses and carts to wait for the first samples. The first broker to get the tea samples from the clippers and to the buyers has an advantage.’

‘Australians were introduced to espresso coffee presented to them in imaginatively laid out coffee lounges with ultra modern décor and streamlined fittings. Customers were ‘seduced by the novelty of the impressive-looking espresso machines, all shining chrome and knobs and pressure gauges.’’

‘An early motto of Horace Bennett’s tea broking business was ‘wherever tea is grown H.A. Bennett is known’. After ninety years of trading, even though tea is no longer the sole focus of the business, this motto still stands correct and is applicable to the coffee side of the industry: the Bennett name is known in coffee growing areas around the world.’

A fascinating read for consumers and industry professionals alike and in the words of our Mr. Bennett “best read with a nice, long, hot cup of tea”.

To purchase ‘A Good Brew’ please speak to your sales rep or contact us here.

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