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Meet the Bennetts: Planes, Trains & Automobiles

Friday 29 November 2013 by Lorna ShaikhNovember 2013News

Our shipping and despatch department are veterans of the Bennetts team. Richard and Heidi have been with Bennetts since 2006 while Sherry is a relatively new addition to the Bennetts team, having started in 2012.

Richard takes care of shipping, and Heidi is our resident despatcher, making sure all of your orders arrive safely on time. Sherry looks after logistics managements and pre-shipment sample despatch from origin.

Apart from working hard to ensure our stock arrives in a timely manner and customer orders are despatched promptly, the shipping team enjoy a good laugh and contribute to the friendly atmosphere of the Bennetts office. 

Heidi is the staff birthday planner, and is the creative hand behind some of our more elaborate birthday celebrations including Rich’s ‘return to the jungle’ and Scott’s King Kong themed desk makeover.

Rich originally hails from South Africa and when he’s not busy managing containers and fixing contracts, he enjoys sending photos of giant snakes and wild animals around the office; reminiscent of home for him, a little terrifying for the rest of us!

Sherry is another bubbly personality of the office and keeps the rest of the office smiling with her unique sense of humour. Sitting in the middle of our open plan office, she is always the first to pick up the phone or head to the door when visitors arrive.

Sadly, Richard is finishing up with Bennetts this week. After almost 8 years, he has decided it is time to move on. Rich will leave behind a big gap in the Bennetts family, but we’re sure he will drop in for a coffee every so often to say hello. We wish him all the best in his new role, and hope the coffee is decent!

Rest assured, our containers will continue to arrive safe and sound after Rich’s departure with Sherry expanding her role to take on many of his responsibilities. She will be stepping into some big shoes, but we have no doubt she will flourish in the new role.

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