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Salam from Rayyan Mill

We have some newly landed specialty lots from an origin that is new to the Bennetts offering, and one that we are very excited about. Launched at our cupping night earlier this month, these coffees are amongst the first of this specialty grade quality to be commercially available to the Australian market.

If you came along to our cupping event you will already know (and have been lucky enough to taste) which origin we are referring to, but if you were not able to make it along, here is a clue:

The coffees hail from an origin found in Biblical tales and legends, where frankincense and myrrh are sourced from mountains and the Queen of Sheba is rumoured to have once called home.

Have you worked it out yet?

Of course, we’re talking about the Middle Eastern origin of Yemen. We are delighted to have established a relationship with specialty Yemen exporter Rayyan Coffee Mill, and have secured four lots to offer to the Australian market this season. 

Rayyan Coffee Mill was established in 2011 as a bridge between Yemen coffee farmers and the specialty coffee market. Seeking to consistently supply the best coffee Yemen can offer, Rayyan Mill was born with the goal of increasing the amount of quality Yemen coffee reaching the specialty coffee market. Based in the capital of Sana’a, the mill sources coffee from various coffee growing regions in Yemen. All lots are selected and processed with the specialty coffee market in mind. Each season Rayyan Mill offer unique community-specific coffees that are fully traceable to the group of producers that have been growing them for centuries. 

Our selected lots have been scored by the Bennetts QC team between 86 to 88 points. They are unique coffees, each one complex with defined flavour notes and acidity. Being so close in proximity to Ethiopia we expected some similarities between the two origins, and we were not disappointed. The coffees mimic a typical Ethiopian natural heirloom cup profile in their intensity and complexity, however they tend more towards a darker stone fruit, almost plum character with heavy notes of spice, leather and tobacco. It was interesting to compare the two, with both origins so deeply embedded in the history of coffee, and appreciate the differences that growing conditions and climate can impart on the same species of plant.

Upon close inspection of the green, you will notice a number of the famed Golden Beans. Yemen is renowned for producing beans that are pure yellow in colour. These Golden Beans are highly prized in Yemen, as well as Harrar in Ethiopia.

We are proud to be able to offer high quality Yemen coffee to our customers and look forward to furthering our relationship with Rayyan Mill in the future.

To receive samples of our Yemen specialty lots contact the Bennetts office, but be quick as there is limited supply and we do not expect these coffees to be around for long. 

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