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CafeSmart 2016

Our collaboration with StreetSmart to raise awareness for CafeSmart 2016 - A unique event to unite coffee makers and drinkers around Australia to take action against homelessness.

“We help the little guys.” This is the notion behind StreetSmart’s generous initiative, CafeSmart. The movement exists to support grassroots organisations taking action against homelessness. CafeSmart is about community togetherness, uniting the everyday coffee drinker and their local café to give a little to those who could use it. With a focus on improving local communities, funds are raised directly for emergency aid, promotion of social inclusion, empowerment and sustainable change to prevent homelessness and to help people out of it. On Friday the 5th of August, cafes join the uniquely feel good event by donating $1 per coffee sold on the day. Similarly, coffee roasters support their local cafes with donated coffee beans. Every dollar raised goes straight to funding local projects behind the cause.

Here at Bennetts we’re putting our hat in the ring through advertising on our website and physical marketing. As well as contributing to the scope of the cause, being a part of the movement on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other platforms offers numerous branding opportunities. Equally, it’s a great way to connect with the hundreds of cafes on board and to get people talking.

To join the industry in the largest café event in Australia and give a hand to your local community, jump on the StreetSmart website to sign up http://streetsmartaustralia.org/cafesmart/ . Or, get in touch with Adam Robinson at ‘adam@streetsmartaustralia.org’ to find out how you can get involved. On the day, don’t forget to get on Instagram using #cafesmart and rally your customers to get behind this humanitarian effort to see what kind of impact we can have on local communities.

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