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Guatemalans fresh in!

Ahh Huehuetenango. Even the name is a treat on the tongue ('Way - way - te - nang - goh', as per our team member Mr. Alex Capurro's lyrical native Spanish-speaker's pronunciation).

Nestled in the highlands of South-Western Guatemala, it's one of the nation's finest coffee-growing regions, and it's here that the growers and families of the Todosanterita and Peña Roja co-operatives cultivate their crops.

Sneak a peak below....

Todosanterita Co-operative

Today, the members of Todosanterita continue to wear their traditional outfits as they go about their daily tasks - a striking combination of red-and-white striped pants, a blue-and-white striped shirt, and a brilliantly woven collar (right).

Tasting notes
A 'rich cup with nippy blackcurrant and lemon acid that hits you in the face (in a good way)' - (direct quote from Quality Team Leader Georgia Major), moving into dark chocolate, toasty malt, and roasted buttery almonds to finish. 

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Peña Roja Cooperative

The producers in this co-operative live in and around the small municipal region of La Libertad. Their coffee is composed of the Bourbon, Catuai, and Caturra varieties, and is grown over a combined total area of 373 hectares of private smallholder farms. 

Tasting notes 
This lot boasts grapefruit acidity, a sweet, creamy custard flavoured body, and a jammy marmalade note 
that leads into a short finish. 

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