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New Arrivals: Fresh-crop Rwandan just in!

An amazing coffee Rwanda's into a bar..... sorry. But on a serious note, our fresh Rwandan coffees have arrived!

We’re very excited about our new fresh-crop coffees that have arrived from Rwanda. Check them out below, or contact us here for more information.

In Rwanda, most coffee is smallholder-grown at altitudes ranging from 1350 to 1850 meters on family farms averaging less than a hectare in size, and typically possessing fewer than 200 trees.


Karambi Grade 1

Produced at 1800-1900 MASL in Karambi, Nyamasheke district (a province that borders the eastern shore of Lake Kivu, one of the African Great Lakes), this is one of the highest-grown coffees available from Rwanda.

This coffee cups with a full, creamy body and tinged with sweet notes of brown sugar, milk chocolate, toffee, and malt, it offers a mandarin acidity and a buttery, chocolate finish.


Mabaro Grade 1

The cherries for this coffee were grown collectively by 634 farmers whom live in the Karengera Valley in the Nyamasheke district. They process their harvest at Mabaro Washing Station, which in spite of its very limited capacity of only 300 metric ton of cherry has produced several Cup of Excellence award-winning lots.

Juicy cup with notes of red apple, plum and hazelnuts. Orange citrus acidity. Finishing with sweet milk chocolate.


Nyakarenzo Grade 1

This coffee was grown by a community of 1,007 smallholders, 75% of whom are women, 25% men in the Nyakarenzo region in Kabagina sector of Rwanda. The cherries are carefully processed and graded, with around 150 of the workers carefully monitoring and agitating the parchment as it dries to ensure the best and most consistent cup is achieved.  

This coffee offers soft yellow plum and lime notes, a heavy body, and a clean vanilla, hazelnut and milk chocolate finish.


Mushonyi Grade 1

1,810 smallholder farmers contribute their crops to this coffee through the Mushonyi Washing Station - a multiple-time Cup of Excellence award-winning station. They receive resources, training, and support on a variety of subjects, including best agricultural practices, sustainable farming, business and economics, and social wellbeing.

This coffee cups with soft notes of pear, honey, malt and walnut. It offers an inky tea-like body, and subtle berry acidity that moves through to a short, milk-chocolate finish.


Matyazo Grade 1

Matyazo CWS is a Cup of Excellence award-winning coffee washing station located in the mountainous region of the Western Province of Rwanda. Built in 2009, the station processes the cherries of approximately 370 farmers in the area and has an extremely limited total washing capacity of only 85 metric tons.

This coffee cups cleanly with a sparkling orange acidity and flavours of raisin, caramel, malt, almond and grapefruit. It offers a creamy, heavy body and a lingering, sweet, toffee finish.



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