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Bennetts 100 Year Stock-take Sale!

Some great discounts on some of our coffees! Get the before the 28th of June for the amazing prices!

As part of our centenary celebrations we are holding a Once in 100 Years End of Financial Year stock-take sale!

All of the coffees below have new prices with discounts of up to 44%! The only condition, all coffee must be Ex-warehouse before our closure on the 29th of June 2018 for the stock-take.

Get in contact via email trading@hab.com.au or call (03) 9853 0328 for any further info.

Bennetts Website Stock Code


Bags Available

Original Price

New Price


Costa Rica Dota Tarrazu SHB La Montana

20 x 69Kg




Costa Rica Dota Tarrazu SHB San Pedro

13 x 69Kg




Costa Rica SHB - Karen Meca – Microlot

1 x 69Kg




Costa Rica SHB – La Loma Meca - Microlot

6 x 69Kg




Costa Rica SHB La Alianza Finca Minor Rodriguez

16 x 69Kg




Costa Rica SHB Microlot La Candelila Geisha Palmilera

4 x 69Kg




El Salvador Buena Vista Bourbon Sc16+ Microlot

14 x 69Kg




El Salvador Cerro De Las Ranas

3 x 69Kg




El Salvador SHG Los Nogales El Capulin Bourbon Natural

2 x 69Kg




Ethiopia Sidamo Gr4 (Kilenso Mokanisa)

79 x 60Kg




Ethiopia Sidamo Shakiso Guji Gr1 Washed

50 x 60Kg




Indian Attikhan Pulp Sundried Cauvery

125 x 30Kg




Indian Kondadkhan Estate SLN795 Grade A P/S

125 x 30Kg




Indonesian Sumatra Wahana Longberry Varietal

4 x 30Kg




Colombia Red Bourbon – Las Margaritas – La Esperanza

 24 x 24Kg




Colombia Yellow Bourbon – Las Margaritas – La Esperanza

 21 x 24Kg



Bennetts will be unable to make dispatches on the 29th of June, and that both pick-ups and deliveries will be unavailable too. If you're concerned that this may impact your orders and would like to know how to avoid any issues, please contact us via despatch@hab.com.au

Kind Regards,

The Bennetts Team

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