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Featuring the latest news on the coffee industry and business insight from senior members of the Bennetts team.

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On opting to celebrate International Co-op Day

How can we ensure that the farmers and communities who grow coffee are receiving the opportunities and resources they need, that they aren’t taken advantage of, and that they have a access to security and stability?

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For better or worse? What the RFA/UTZ merger will mean for the coffee industry

The US’s recent withdrawal from the Paris Climate Change Agreement has done nothing to soothe global anxieties about climate change’s pealing alarm bells. For members of the Specialty Coffee community, that tolling is a particularly urgent knell.

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Defect Cup-Skilling

The Roaster Guilds' recent 'Demystifying Defects' cupping session was a rare, guided opportunity to dip a toe into waters that most coffee drinkers will spend a lifetime trying to avoid.

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