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The latest news and views from the Bennetts team

Featuring the latest news on the coffee industry and business insight from senior members of the Bennetts team.

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SCAA 2014

Last month Scott, Guy and I were fortunate enough to attend the 2014 Specialty Coffee Association of America ‘Event’.

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Industry News: Coffee Pricing 101

Global coffee prices have been in the spotlight in recent weeks after having experienced a very sharp and rapid rise.

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Visiting the Birthplace of Coffee

Upon his return from touring East Africa earlier this year, Scott offers his thoughts on the progression and development of the birthplace of coffee since his last visit in 2010.

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A Pulped Natural by Any Other Name...

Pulped natural aka honey, semi-washed, semi-lavado, or whichever name the process is going by currently, is a relatively new method to the world of coffee processing.

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