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The latest news and views from the Bennetts team

Featuring the latest news on the coffee industry and business insight from senior members of the Bennetts team.

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Industry News: The Year of the Coffee Curse

An in-depth look at the coffee leaf rust epidemic that has rocked the industry over the last 12 months and the effects this outbreak will have on the new 2013/14 crop year.

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UTZ Certified: Better Farming, Better Future

Bennetts HQ received some international visitors last week, all the way from UTZ Certified HQ in The Netherlands!

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Golden Bean Wrap Up

Get the wrap up on the Golden Bean this year as the Bennetts team return to Melbourne.

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In the Hopper...

Our El Salvador Yellow Bourbon Microlot #11 has been the star of the hopper this week. With our chief barista (slash many other things), Fay back in the country after a quick break, the espresso machine has been getting a workout!

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A Good Brew

Bennetts are excited to announce the launch of Jillian Adams’ new book ‘A Good Brew’, the history of H.A. Bennett & Sons and tea and coffee in Australia.

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Industry News.

The latest 2012/13 total production estimates from the ICO, a new development program to combat climate change, and weather conditions in South America.

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