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Colombian La Esperanza Lots have Arrived!

We're excited to announce that our new Colombia Granja La Esperanza micro lots have arrived.

High up in the Andean mountain ranges in Valle Del Cauca, the Herrera family have been producing coffee for 40 years. They are strongly committed to quality, genetic material of the variety, the terroir and most of all, the people who work at Granja La Esperanza. The latter being their most valued resource. The Herrera family’s endless devotion in the pursuit of quality has ensured that they consistently produce superior, complex coffees that are ranked among the top ten specialty coffees by the SCAA.

We are so pleased to have secured six of their very special micro lots, ranging from Red Bourbon, Yellow Bourbon, Pacamara and RFA Organic - all displaying well balanced, distinctive and complex cup profiles with notes of honey, floral, vanilla and stone fruit - just some of the flavours you’ll find in the cup.

If you’d like to see a detailed cup profile, including our Q grade scores, please follow this link

And if you’d like to sample any of these exquisite coffees, please call your sales representative for availability or a sample.

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