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COCAFCAL - Small and Beautiful

Our new season COCAFCAL Honduran micro lots have arrived and we thought we’d share a little information with you about these special new coffees.

The micro lots come from members of the Cooperative Cafetelera Capucas Limitada (COCAFCAL), a fairtrade cooperative located in Western Honduras. The Coop was founded in 1999 by Omar Rodriguez who wanted to share his knowledge about successfully producing and selling coffee with other farmers of Capucas. Today the Coop has over 70 members who are dedicated to sustainably producing high quality coffee and to improving the quality of life for the greater community. The Coop has strong ties with the local community and supports the establishment of sustainable economic and development frameworks within the region. Omar believes that “small is not only beautiful, small is our guarantee for good agricultural practices and best quality for our clients.”

The Coop runs an annual coffee quality competition, Te Van a Conocer Compa, designed to showcase the best coffee of the region. First introduced in 2008, the competition is supported by large scale traders and roasters and has helped COCAFCAL coffees become more widely known throughout the country. The competition gives individual farmers the opportunity to prepare their finest micro lots and have them cupped by an international panel of judges. It has become an important annual event within the community and has strengthened the image of Honduran coffee on an international level.

The micro lots are named after the individual producers and have been specially selected by the Coop for their distinctive and high quality cup profiles.

The five lots we have selected are all fully washed, Catuai and Caturra varietals and display distinctive cup profiles. From the Jose Adelmo Serreno showing creamy, rich chocolaty notes to the Cornelio Nunez displaying honey, lemon and notes of butterscotch; they all possess individual cup characteristics unique to the individual farmers. We found that they all showed to be clean, sweet and well-balanced in the cup.  There’s a Honduran coffee here to showcase as a delicate filter or a rich, chocolaty espresso. To view details on the cup profile of these new micro lots, click here to visit our product page.

Be sure to contact us if you’d like to sample these delicious new coffees. 


The above images were taken during our trip to origin. Clockwise from top left; a cascade drier which can process up to 20 tonnes of parchment, raised solar drying beds, a Honduran coffee flower.
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