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Our new season Kenyan lots have been delivered into store this week and we are very excited to share with you these delicious new arrivals!

We have three specialty lots on offer; a Karinga Peaberry, AA Gaturiri, and AB Gachatha. Each cup profile distinctive in its own right, they are all full-bodied, complex coffees with the characteristic black currant note that Kenyans are prized for.

Notes of lychee, chocolate, honey, black currant and fresh butter characterize the Peaberry Karinga, presenting a complex flavour profile. With a syrupy body moving through to a long creamy finish, the Karinga Peaberry has a bright, crisp acidity. Harvested from the Nyeri region between 1600 – 1850 MASL, the coffee is processed at the Karinga factory, which is uniquely located between tea growing zones. The factory is located at 1840 MASL and receives cherry from 500 smallholder farmers.

With exceptional sweetness and balanced acidity, the AA Gaturiri is an elegant cup with notes of tropical fruits and black currant. A silky smooth body moves through to a caramel toffee finish. The coffee is processed at the Gaturiri factory located at 1770 MASL on the slopes of Mount Kenya, an area associated with the most superior Kenyan coffee. Nearly 1000 smallholder farmers deliver their crop to the Gaturiri factory.

Bold flavours and full mouth feel characterize the AB Gachatha, with complex notes of honeyed, tea rose, sweet citrus and black tea, moving through to a sticky, sweet finish. Processed at the Gachatha factory located approximately 150km north of Nairobi, the coffee is harvested from the southern slopes of Mount Kenya, an area known for producing some of the highest quality Kenyan coffee. The factory offers credit facilities to smallholder farmers.

Each possessing individual characteristics, the three coffees are diverse however all would perform exceptionally well as espressos. Alternatively if you would like to showcase their distinctive flavours, they would be excellent brewed through various filter methods such as Chemex, Aeropress, or - just in time for summer, Cold Drip.  

To receive samples of these new coffees or to place an order, contact your sales rep or send us a message on Twitter @HABennetts or Facebook.  

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