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San Agustin with a hint of marzipan...

With microlot season well and truly under way, we are particularly excited about our new season Colombian specialty lots due to arrive in store mid-March.

We are delighted to have secured selected lots from the Herrera family at Café Granja La Esperanza for a second year, with the quality and complexity of our last season lots truly living up to their top ten specialty ranking from the SCAA. We will also be bringing in some hand-picked microlots from specialty exporter Inconexus. Two of our favourite microlots from this selection have been harvested from El Bado Estate and COOAGUSTINOS cooperative, in the well-regarded South-Western departments of Narino and Huila respectively.

The small town of Buesaco in Narino is home to El Bado Estate, owned by Maria Etelvina Dias and managed by her son Nilson. Cultivating the caturra variety at 1850 MASL, Maria and Nilson are committed to producing quality specialty coffee, and proudly won the Colombian South Cup of Excellence competition in 2012. Our selected microlot from El Bado Estate is a naturally processed bright cup with subtle black tea and lemon notes. A delicate citrus acidity with a hint of stone fruit moves through to a lingering finish with notes of toffee and praline. A refined cup that would showcase excellently as a filter or pour over.

The department of Huila is no stranger to specialty coffee, and our selected microlot from San Agustin is a prime example of the complexity and quality achieved in the region. Our microlot comes from the COOAGUSTINOS cooperative, an association consisting of 800 small scale producers from the San Agustin municipality and other coffee growing communities within the region. In collaboration with Inconexus, COOAGUSTINOS coordinate social and environmental projects to improve the quality of life for producers and the wider communities, while also promoting sustainability and increased quality control. Our selected natural processed microlot cups with sweet notes of blackcurrant, chocolate and a hint of spice. Subtle blackcurrant notes also display on the dry aroma, with a hint of marzipan. With a silky sticky-sweet body and a long creamy finish; it would work equally well through filter or espresso, each method highlighting its diverse complexities. 

Judging by their exceptional quality and popularity last season, we do not expect these microlots to be around for long! To request samples or place a forward order, send us an email trading@hab.com.au or drop us a line on Twitter or Facebook.

Images courtesy of Inconexus: Nilson and Maria Etelvina Dias, El Bado Estate.

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