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In the Hopper...

We have recently been lucky enough to establish a relationship with Brazilian specialty coffee producer O’Coffee. This is the first time the O’Coffee brand has been available in Australia and we are very excited to be able to offer these coffees to the Australian market.

Our first shipment of O'Coffee Micro Lots arrived into store this week and have been without doubt, the highlight of our cupping bench. We have seven micro lots on offer, sourced from three different O’Coffee farms - Nossa Senhora Aparecida Estate, Santa Maria Estate and Fazendinha Estate. Our selected micro lots are all sweet cups with rich distinctive flavours and delicate, clean acidity. The selection includes lots that would showcase excellently as both espresso and filter brews, or add a distinctive note to a specialty blend. The coffees are specially packed in nitrogen modified vacuum packs to maintain quality.

O’Coffee were one of the first Brazilian exporters to produce specialty coffee and have been established since 1890. They own six plantations in the Alta Mogiana region of Sao Paula, Brazil and harvest 35,000 bags of coffee annually. The Alta Mogiana region is revered for its excellent climatic conditions and superior terrior. The coffees are grown at altitudes of 1000 to 1100 MASL and the plantations span one thousand hectares of land. O’Coffee boasts a fully equipped modern preparation centre, including machinery such as colour sorters, mechanical dryers, and parabolic drying beds. They have specialised packaging equipment, offering modified atmosphere storage to ensure that quality is maintained throughout the shipping process. O’Coffee are able to produce natural, pulped natural, demucilaged, and fully washed coffees, in addition to nano and micro lots.

O’Coffee support multiple social and environmental development projects within the community, and run a dedicated Institute for Social and Environmental Development at their Nossa Senhora Aparecida Estate. They have recently introduced an international internship program, and are currently hosting a young student from Iceland. All of the O’Coffee farms are RFA and UTZ Certified. The coffees are 100% traceable down to the most minute detail, including when and where the seedlings were planted, the age of the coffee trees, where each bean of coffee came from, how it was produced in each plot, and how many workers tended to the tree. O’Coffee are dedicated to promoting education and sustainability, and ensure these values are embedded into all workplace practices.

Bennetts are proud to be able to offer these coffees to the Australian market and are looking forward to a long and prosperous relationship with O’Coffee. To request samples or purchase these special coffees, contact us via the website, facebook or twitter.

To learn more take a look at the below video following the seed to cup process at the O’Coffee farms.

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