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Brazil Moves to 59kg Bags

If Brazil is an origin that regularly appears on your orders, soon you will notice some changes to the way these coffees are sold. Rest assured we are not starting to despatch short weight bags; however there have been some important changes at origin that will affect our shipments and your orders.

Recent amendments to OH&S legislation in Brazil have prompted changes to trade and shipping protocols within the coffee industry. New legislation states that workers may not carry more than 60kg total weight. The traditional 60kg bag is no longer suitable under this new interpretation as the gross weight is in excess of the maximum allowable limit. In order to comply with this new legislation, the Brazilian Exporters Association (CECAFE) and Santos Coffee Association (ACS) have suggested that all coffee traders turn to packing 59kg sacks, allowing up to 1kg packaging weight to be included under the maximum allowable limit. As such, the standard unit of coffee trade from Brazil will change from 60kg to 59kg over the coming months.

Most of our export partners in Brazil have already adopted this change, with the residual switching over in the next few months. We will invoice accordingly as new season shipments arrive in our warehouse. If you have any questions or concerns regarding these changes please contact our office.

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