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Connecting the Supply Chain

Project 121 aims to connect growers and roasters by linking the beginning and the end of the supply chain. The concept facilitates a unique connection between 1 producer and 1 roaster, hence the ‘121’.

Project 121 is a joint initiative between Bennetts and participating cooperatives around the world. Currently we are working with COCAFELOL and COCAFCAL cooperatives in Honduras and Sol y Café Cooperative in Peru. We are in the process of launching the project with a cooperative in Brazil and next season we hope to expand the initiative to other origins.

Our Project 121 microlots are produced with great care by select growers from participating cooperatives. The project offers roasters an exclusive opportunity to source a fully traceable microlot with a direct connection to the producer who cultivated it.

As each of our Project 121 microlots are sold and roasted, we gather production samples to send back to the producers at origin. This is an exciting opportunity for producers, to physically see and taste the final product, and one that we are proud to be able to facilitate. 

To learn more about Project 121 or receive samples of our current lots contact us

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