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Golden Bean 2015 Wrap Up

Sunday 29 November 2015 by Michael BrennanNewsDecember 2015Events

As the dust settles on another Golden Bean it seems appropriate to reflect on what this competition means to the coffee community of Australia.

To say a fantastic time was had by all doesn’t do justice to the Golden Bean – a pioneering competition which brings together an otherwise disparate group of coffee professionals who are often reluctant to come together to share thoughts over a coffee (or five hundred) in an atmosphere of comradery, collaboration and mutual respect.

Aside from being a great opportunity to evaluate current trends in one of the most progressive coffee scenes in the world and see how they relate to your business; it is a rare chance to work side by side with some of the most highly regarded industry professionals (and try to beat them at go-carting.) Think of the Golden Bean as palate training with the best in the business. I can’t strongly enough recommend entering the Golden Bean and signing up to take part as a judge. It is an indispensable tool for professional development in an easy-going and supportive atmosphere.

One highlight for me was the Green Bean Zone which this year was graciously hosted by Bombora and was a fantastic chance to meet with like-minded roasters, bean brokers and baristas in the warehouse of the country’s premier coffee/barista tools supplier.

Congratulations to back to back winners Uncle Joes, also to Gridlock Coffee, Ona Coffee, Mahalia Coffee and everyone who took home winners medals. A huge thanks to the support crew, head judge Anne Cooper, the barista team, all the judges and of course the Café Culture team who did a wonderful job once again in putting on such a special event. 

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