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Ethiopia: A quick harvest update...

Coffee harvesting has begun for the new season in Ethiopia!

Farmers in different areas of the nation tend to start picking earlier than others as a result of varying altitudes and climates.

In the western regions such as Djimmah, Limu, and Bench Madji, harvests started in early October and are well under way.
In the southern regions such as Yirgacheffe and Sidamo they’re a couple of weeks into picking, having commenced in November.

We’re expecting that crop yields from Sidamo will be slightly down from last year’s – probably about 20% lower. The rest of the country’s output should be fairly consistent with the year before, both in terms of quantity and quality. Because of this, prices shouldn’t move too much.

An exception worth mentioning though is for Harrar. Located in Northern Ethiopia, Harrar prices over the last season have been significantly higher than usual due to the conflict in Yemen and lack of Yemen coffee exports. Traditional Yemeni buyers will substitute Harrar for Yemen coffees when they become scarce in the international market.  

Stay posted for more updates!

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