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Grounds for Health spreading good healthcare and cheer!

We’ve had some great news recently from Grounds for Health, the not-for-profit charity organisation that we’ve been supporting for some years now. Their mission is to reduce the incidence of cervical cancer among women in developing coffee countries.

Cervical cancer is preventable, however, unlike many other diseases that modern science has caught up with, it continues to be a significant cause of death. This is especially so in numerous coffee-growing countries where the healthcare systems often aren't yet well established or funded. 

Building on their ongoing success, last year Grounds for Health started to expand operations into Nyeri, Kenya, a region famous for high-quality coffee. Their goal was initially to gradually increase screening services while training providers and community health volunteers, and making connections with nearby health facilities. Under the leadership of newly-appointed Project Manager Evah Maina, it’s so far been a huge success. 

At the time this article was written, Grounds for Health had treated 6,015 women, and screened 80,212.

We are happy to say that this Christmas we have donated a further USD$5000 to Grounds for Health on behalf of our fantastic partners in the Australian coffee industry and abroad. This amount will be distributed between their project in Kenya, as well as the one in Oromia, Ethiopia. 

Bennetts have for many decades worked with the coffee-growing communities in these regions, and as a team we are thrilled to be able to give back to them in this way.

For more information on Grounds for Health, visit their website here.

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